Staff Selection

Create the perfect job posting

We understand the nuances that come with hiring your staff and have designed with that in mind. Streamline your entire hiring process with Staff Selection.


Online application package

Create customized applications for each different applicant group. Easily accept resumes, cover letters, and even student portfolios.


Customized hiring workflows

All hiring processes are different. You choose the steps it takes for a student to be hired. Whether that includes only an application or several group/individual interviews.


Multiple applicant groups

Allow different hiring workflows for different applicant groups such as new and returning RAs.


Online reference gathering

Gather confidential reference information online. Students can monitor if their reference has responded but the actual response will only be available to specific admins to review.

Foster communication with your students

Staff selection is not only about finding the perfect students to fill your position but also about providing a positive hiring experience. Enhance the process and ease any student worries with Staff Selection.


Scheduled and automated notifications

Set reminders for upcoming deadlines or interviews; set follow ups after crucial hiring steps such as interviews; communicate details on next steps.


Interview scheduling

Allow students to pick their own interview times based on the interviewers availability.

Adjudicate with ease

The days of file cabinets full of paper and applicant files are over. Evaluating candidates has never been easier with all their information available online where your staff can review in minutes.


Single / Multiple interview scoresheets

Have all scores compiled into a single scoresheet or let all interviewers score individually and provide weights for those whose scores should have more influence.


Identify ideal candidates

Allow staff to review and identify ideal candidates prior to selection day.


Online offers and acceptance

Extend offers to candidates and monitor their acceptance. If an offer expires you can either reoffer or easily move to an alternate.


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Quick Set-Up

In a hurry? No problem, we have you covered! You set the pace for implementation timelines and could be using our system within a week.

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Unrivaled Support

We're here to answer any questions you may have, as well as work with you to help improve your current processes.

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