AIMHO: November 6-9
MACUHO: November 7-9
UMR-ACUHO: November 9-11
GLACUHO: November 13-15
NASPA I: November 13-16
NASPA IV: November 15-17


NWACUHO: Feb 6-8
SEAHO: March 1-3
SWACUHO: March 4-7
NASPA: March 11-15
ELLUCIAN LIVE: March 19-22
ACPA: March 25-29
WACUHO: April 2-5
OACUHO: May 8-11
ACUHO-I: June 17-20
ACUHO-I BizOps: Oct 2-4
NEACUHO: October 2017 TBA

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