Create an engaging student experience

Students today are looking to be more involved with their housing choices than ever. Let eRezLife Assignments help engage your students.


Customized application processes

Fully client configured application processes allow students to provide all information that a housing office needs from housing preferences to emergency contacts. Create different questions for various applicants based on their type (eg: new vs. returning)


Private social network

RoomeeZ allows students to opt-in to your own private social network. Students can search for, connect with, and request roommates all in one place


Online room selection

Students can see which rooms are available in real-time and pick their assignment based on their selection time.


Room offer

Once a student is placed send them an offer to officially accept the assignment and help reduce “no-shows”

Simplify room assignment management

Stop combing through spreadsheets and and manually entering data. Assignments allows immediate, 24/7 access to all housing and room assignment information.


Real-time room assignments

Use our intuitive room-swap and applicant comparison interface to see roommate compatibility and process quick room changes


Intelligent roommate matching

Use our roommate matching algorithm to provide the best possible roommates for your students based on student responses and preferences



Know exactly who is currently living in residence with our real-time check in. Easily track early arrivals and late stays ensure all students are accounted for


Financial tracking

Create a full payment schedule for housing and meal plans or simply store
bill codes for your ERP


System integration

Easily send any data back to your main campus database (SIS/ERP) through an automated process so assignments and billing are processed correctly

Assess and understand your occupancy data

Having students apply and assigned a space is only the first step. Assessing your capacity, how the beds have filled, and who is living on campus can help keep you at maximum capacity and also inform your process for the future.


User defined reporting

Configure your reports to include and assess any data within your system


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