Campus Life

Increase collaboration across campus

Many times a greater number of students live off campus and an institution is challenged with connecting with these commuters students. Campus Life allows you to better manage all students enrolled on campus through client-configured processes.


Enhanced Department Collaboration

Care Teams
Counseling Services
Dean of Students
Employment & Equity Office
Front Desk Staff
Judicial Officers
Office of First Year Studies
Residence Hall Association
Residence Life
Security/Campus Police
Student Conduct
Student Development Officers
Student Health
Student Housing
Student Union


Student Interactions

Student Conduct
Staff Behavioral Concerns
Shift Activity Reports
Orientation Programming
Academic Success Programs
Health and Wellness
Peer Helping
Security Reports
Counseling Visits
Student Recognition
Threat Assessment

Gain insight and understanding through assessment

Tracking your different processes is only the first step. Understanding and evaluating the information you have gathered is even more important as you engage your students.


User defined reports

Configure each report to include exactly the data you are looking to assess


Identify trends

Generate comparison reports to assess totals and averages, compare data across your residential communities, identify staff trends, etc.


Custom data points

Include any custom data points (major, age, housing, etc.) and customize your analytics to provide better data breakdowns and analysis



Enjoy charts and graphs automatically generated to help visualize your assessments

Manage your student success and campus stakeholders

Managing is all about easy access to data and the ability to easily communicate. With Residence Life you will have all the information you need to effectively manage at your


Team management

High level administrators can easily see a breakdown of staff across campus and what they are currently managing. Easily prepare for staff evaluations by seeing an individual’s overall progress and contribution


Campus tracking

Have all student and staff interactions available in a single click including all communication (meetings, emails, phone, letters), conduct history, student-of-concern, health visits, event attendance, etc.


Centralized resources

Provide a single and secure location to share resources with students including programming ideas, websites, duty schedules, training materials, etc.


Streamlined communications

Secure internal communication platform along with email notifications provide a robust option to communicate with your students and staff


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