Create efficiency through customized processes

Your buildings and facilities are an import asset for your institution. Facilities is fully configured and customized to help you better track and maintain these assets.


Facility Processes

Room Condition Reporting
Facility Condition Reporting
Work Order Requests


Student Interactions

Vandalism and Damage Reporting
Lost Key Reporting
Lock Out Reporting

Track and maintain records on the go

Easily access your facility information and processes with any mobile device anywhere on campus


Mobile Friendly

Complete RCR and room assessments anywhere on campus with our mobile friendly interface


Check in/out

View check in/out information side by side to quickly and easily determine if there are any condition changes as students check-out of their rooms

Assess and understand your facility data

Tracking your facility processes is only the first step. Understanding and evaluating the information you have gathered is even more important as you manage your facilities.


Facility defined reports

Configure each report to include exactly the data you are looking to assess


Identify trends

Generate comparison reports to assess totals and averages, pinpoint where damages occur, items needing repair or replacement, etc.


Inventory reports

Identify and track inventory condition. Better identify items needing replacement and when students need to be billed



Enjoy charts and graphs automatically generated to help visualize your assessments


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Quick Set-Up

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Unrivaled Support

We're here to answer any questions you may have, as well as work with you to help improve your current processes.

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