Finally, An Affordable Web-Based Solution
To Meet Your Specific Needs, Scope, & Budget
eRezLife offers innovative, intuitive, and the most cost-effective web-based solutions for institutions of all sizes. Our modules may be used as an integrated suite or as stand-alone tools implemented to compliment your existing systems on campus. Our 25+ years of industry experience have allowed us to finely tune our client-centric approach resulting in flexible, client-driven, and user-friendly tools, which are affordable for even the smallest institutions.

» Campus Life

» Overnight Guests

» Residence Life

» Staff Selection

» Student Assignments & RoomeeZ

In a hurry? No problem, we have you covered! You set the pace for implementation timelines and could be using our system within a week.
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We're here to answer any questions you may have, as well as work with you to help improve your current processes.
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